Rabu, Disember 30, 2009

Fook Seng Restaurant, Kunak

This restaurant is located in Kunak Town facing the Sulawasi Sea. For those of you who have not been to Sabah, Kunak is situated some where in between Lahad Datu and Semporna/Tawau.

I first visited this restaurant about eight years ago not long after I joined this Number 1 company, the then Lahad DatuManager, Mr Liew Chi Fui who is now the AVP of the entire East Malaysia !, took me to the restaurant when we travelledfrom Sandakan to Tawau in his 4x4 Jeep. Despite all the hearsays, the journey was quite safe and uneventful as compared to the Sandakan Death March of the Australian Soldiers during the 2nd World War.

I still remembered that we arrived at Kunak around noon time, Mr. Liew ordered one big fish, fried sotong, deer meat and one vegetable to treat the "Sua Ku" from West Malaysia and it turned out the meal merely causing a small damge of RM30 plus.

The last visit happened again late last year with Mr. Liew and the late Patrick Siow. Again Mr. Liew ordered all the abovedishes with the famous steamed "soul Mei".

After having discussed with the cook, Patrick and I ordered another dish of deep fried "soul mei" after knowing the price ! I guess no one in the right mind will do it in Api ( if you do not know where Api is in Sabah, write to Jeoffery Asin )or other parts of Malaysia. It turned out the total cost of the meal for four with two dishes of "sould mei" is around RM50 plus!

You know, "soul mei" is one of the most expensive fishes in Sabah, it is easily retailed in Api for about RM250 per kg. The Hongkee and the mainland Chinese love it so much that the fish may costs you a bomb if you dine in restaurants in Hong Kong ( not the Hong Kong restaurant mentioned in this blog ) or China. The United Nation has declared this fish species as endangered and many countries including Australia have banned fishing and of course selling this fish at the restaurants.

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